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2024 Range Rover EV Could Run on Hydrogen to Power Car

2024 Range Rover EV Could Run on Hydrogen to Power Car

Researchers at the MIT think they have cracked the code to make a hydrogen powered Car. They call it the Biodiesel Vehicle and it could be ready before too long. The current fuel sources for an SUV are limited by the amount of hydrogen that can be used and also the amount of time it takes to create the gas. This new hydrogen fueled Car would solve many of those issues and could be ready before anyone knew they could do it.

2024 Range Rover EV Could Run On Hydrogen

Biodiesel is also called biogas and is created when vegetable oil is mixed with baking soda and water. The resulting gas has no odor and no emissions. It runs a lot like gasoline but without the harmful byproducts of burning gasoline. This car would save money on gas costs and help the environment. The cars are expected to cost about thirty percent less than a regular SUV.

One of the biggest problems with using hydrogen in any form is the storage. Cars are limited by the amount of usable storage space available. However, with this new technology the car would have a wide array of usable space. It could go from a small town to the back road with enough space for parking. Additionally it could go to the beach or just about anywhere with access to water.

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Hydrogen is also less costly than gasoline. In fact it costs less to produce than diesel. If you compare the two, hydrogen wins every time. It’s clean, safe, efficient and it will be a better fit with the rest of our vehicles. It’s not realistic to think that a hydrogen fueled Car would replace gasoline one day, but it’s a realistic alternative if we start moving toward a hydrogen future.

The current Toyota Prius uses gasoline as its main fuel. The anticipated cost to run the Prius on hydrogen would be about half of what it costs to power it currently. It’s really a winning situation for everyone. Hydrogen definitely holds a bright future when combined with technologies like Batteries and an EV based power train.

When you combine these technologies, you could run the entire car on hydrogen which is a much better solution than having to replace the engine and all the other parts. You would save a lot of money and the emissions you would create wouldn’t be harmful to the environment. So the time is right for a new technology and we should try to make it happen sooner rather than later.

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