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A Full Size Honda Motocompo Electric Cafe Racer Is Now a Reality

Designer Imagines A Full Size Honda Motocompo Electric Cafe Racer

A Full Size Honda Motocompo Electric Cafe Racer Is Now a Reality

The Japanese manufacturer Honda has unveiled a concept bike that looks like a full size version of its popular mini scooter. The new model, called the Motocompo XL, has been designed by 3D artist Allan Williams. Its unique styling is inspired by the classic style of a cafe racer. The solid wheels are covered in a striped black and white design, which creates a retro-style look. It also features a Cylon-like rear brake light and integrated turn signals.

The full size version of the Honda Motocompo is inspired by the retro styling of a vintage motocross motorcycle, but has the added benefit of an electric motor. A conceptual design by Allan Williams depicts a reinterpretation of the XL, which was first introduced in the 1980s as a 50cc moped. It retains all of the classic styling elements of the classic scooter, but features a large electric motor.

A New Concept Is Unveiled That Reinterprets An Iconic Style of a Classic Honda Motocompo XL Bicycle. Its color scheme is reminiscent of the vintage Kodak look. Its headlights are monoposto and resembling a traditional scooter. Its paint job is textured in Substance Painter, and the full-size version is modeled in Fusion 360.

A Honda Motocompo XL Concept Is Inspired by a 1950s Trunk Bike. A Full-size Honda Motocompo Electric Cafe Racer is Now a Reality. It’s a Mini-Motocompo XL. Designed by Allan Williams, the concept bike has the same aesthetic as its full-sized counterpart. The bike is an evolution of the original, and incorporates the classic elements of a mini-bike.

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The Motocompo Spacebar is a foldable electric scooter that costs Rp65,000. The price of the mini-motorbike is a bit steep. A typical Honda motorcycle has the same size as a bike, which makes the Motocompo look even cooler. The company also offers custom versions. While it is not as cool as a real motorcycle, the folding model is in vogue.

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