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A Mazda MX5 990S Special Edition With A Styling Touch

A Mazda MX5 990S Special Edition With A Styling Touch

The new Mazda MX5 is a luxury vehicle that is fast, refined and comfortable. It offers a host of advanced features that have made it a favorite among the driving elite. However, the price can be a deterrent to many buyers.

Mazda MX 5 990S Special Edition

In the US, there are several makes and models of cars including the Chevrolet, GMC, Mercedes Benz, and Honda. Yet, none of them offer the kind of value that Mazda can. For example, the Chevrolet’s SRX has a base price of around two-thousand dollars while the GMC’s Chevy Tahoe has a base price of around six-thousand dollars. Add a body kit at four hundred dollars and you have a car that will compete with those brands.

Yet, the styling of the cars is not the same across all brands. While some manufacturers limit the amount of styling changes that can be made, Mazda does not do so. Therefore, the new Mazda MX5 incorporates a number of new features that make it different and more attractive than its predecessors. With all these new and innovative features in one car, what is it that makes this car so popular with drivers?

Surprisingly, the new car does not carry any major weight over the models of the past. Indeed, it has the lightest car among the current crop of compact sedans. It also features a sporty and dynamic design that offers comfortable ride and great handling. All these combine to give the car an appealing look that makes it stand out from the rest.

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The new car also boasts of some technologically advanced features. For example, it is equipped with the Skylink system that allows the driver to connect with the internet through Bluetooth or USB. This enables you to connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the car’s data network and access websites on the internet, play music and watch videos. You can also view weather forecasts and track real time traffic reports. If you want, you can even get personal information about your nearest and dearest.

With all these features and choices, it is no surprise that the new Mazda MX5 is fast becoming the choice of car owners. In fact, it is being sold at a higher price compared to its predecessor. The best part is that there are plenty of dealers who offer the vehicle at great discounts. Therefore, if you too want to drive a stylish, luxurious and fuel-efficient car, the new Mazda MX5 is the car for you. Get it before it leaves the factory.

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