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Designer Imaginations Electric Bike

Designer Imaginations produces a full size Honda Motocompo electric bike that comes in three colors. It also features a built in music system with CD player and speakers. The front fender has integrated brake lights. The sides have deep carbon fiber fenders, while the backside is painted a slick black. The seat and handlebars are fully adjustable and the backrest adds to the comfort level. At the back of the bike is a rack for cargo storage.

Designer Imagines A Full Size Honda Motocompo Electric Cafe Racer

This bike has dual front disc brakes that give it better stopping power than other bikes on the market. It has five gears and a chain guide. There is also a kick stand adapter so you can raise the bike with the kick stand. It has built in locks, so it cannot be opened from the front. The frame is made from lightweight alloy, so it can be toweled into place without any tools.

The design also includes a high performance throttle that gives you complete control of the throttle. There is also a key lock to prevent theft. The bike has two battery packs and a triple A battery. The bike also includes LED tail lights. There is also a nineteen inch windscreen that helps reduce wind resistance and helps you maintain a speed that is comfortable.

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The bike is also designed with the modern day rider in mind. There is a comfortable seat with good back support. The bike has fender extensions so you can change the fender to suit your riding needs. The bike also has handlebar extensions that provide better control while riding. It also has a modern looking horn, with one horn having a three-blocked variable speed drive.

These designs have been modified to run on electricity rather than gasoline. The electric motor has been replaced by a flywheel that provides power for the electric motors and the bike’s pedals. A flywheel allows the rider to change the direction of the pedal stroke. There is also a handlebar mounted throttle that can be used without turning the handlebars.

The front wheel is designed to give the rider a smoother ride. It also is more aerodynamic which means that the bike will have a reduced effect on your wind resistance. The bike comes in various sizes to fit most standard frames. You can also customize the front forks with these innovative designs.

There are other accessories that are available as well. Some of the add-ons include battery packs, chargers and lights. If you would like the electric bike to have some sort of display it is possible to buy bicycle graphics. These graphics are not very expensive and are easily added to the bike. The bicycle graphics come in various designs such as graphics of nature, images of skateboards and even car and plane combinations.

There are many manufacturers who make these electric bikes. They are very reasonably priced and you can choose from an array of designs. The price range varies according to the size and the quality of the design. The best place to look for these bikes is online where you will also find reviews by consumers who have already purchased this bike.

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