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Dodge Challengers and Ramchargers – A Great Compact Combination

The Dodge Challenger RT Scat Pack blows everything else out of the water! It’s perfect for those who like to race on the beach or just want to have a go with the guys. With an extremely powerful supercharger, Dodge’s Challengers are fast and responsive. If you own one, you already know that. But if you don’t, it’s about time you check this out!

Dodge Challenger RT Scat Pack Blasts Down Autobahn

Dodge’sRT Scat Pack adds a whole new dimension to your Dodge Ram! With awesome new graphics, the Dodge Challenger RTR adds a new definition to the phrase ‘big block’. Dodge’s latest supercharged Dodge Challenger RTR is out to prove that nothing can beat its design and performance. Dodge’s latest engineering feat sees them produce a car that’s much more than a handful of horsepower away from the pack – it’s something special.

Dodge’s latest creation is something that’s been on the minds of nitro-machinurgers for quite some time. After all, what good is a nitro-machined car if it can’t be driven fast? Thankfully, Dodge has listened to its audience and engineered the Dodge Challenger RTR to meet the demands of today’s Dodge Ram users. At the heart of the new Dodge Challengers is Dodge’s new torque converter. With this ingenious piece of kit, the mighty Dodge can be told exactly where to go!

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Want faster Dodge? Then start speeding up right away! With a cleverly designed exhaust system that features two outlets – one for regular diesel fuel and another for battery power – the Dodge challenger riffs the lips off those who demand real performance. And when you’re done, there’s no going back!

And then there’s the awesome floor plan. Yes, Dodge took care to make the interior of the car as comfortable, functional and well-designed as possible. There’s no place for distraction – not even for a phone call. Dodge’s latest technology, including fully adjustable seat controls and an eight-way footrest, ensures that the driver always has a wonderful ride.

So, what should you do when you’re tired of waiting for your next payday? Go for the Ramcharger. It’s a low-cost way to pack more power under your wheels. With the Ramcharger installed in the Dodge Challenger, the muscle-car has got twice the power of its Dodge Challenger RTR forerunner – and you get to be at the wheel before your competition!

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