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Ferrari Team Drive – The New Alpha Tauri

Alpha Tauri is a new formula in high performance, after the long absence of the company’s flagship Supercar, the MR2. The new series will be built around the company’s Delta product family, which includes some of the best supercars ever produced. The new car will take advantage of advances in engineering and design to give it the edge over its predecessors, as well as set it apart from the current, super duper class vehicles that are all set to enter into the Formula 1 fray. This is a concept vehicle, but Alpha Tauri is doing everything possible to ensure that this does come to fruition.

In order to take advantage of the technological advances that have been made over recent years, the design for the new car has taken inspiration from a number of different places. One of these is the highly successful Aston Martin, with the overall shape and lines taking inspiration from the French firm’s fast car racing programme. Following this path, the new car is set to have kidney shaped headlights and a rear air spoiler, both of which take advantage of the way that air vents operate when a car is running at full speed. These vents allow cool air to quickly move through the exhaust pipes of a car, improving the rate at which the engine functions and therefore reducing the temperature of the exhaust. This means that you get more power out of a car and that the entire combustion process is much cleaner.

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For a start, this is an exceptionally good point in the development of the new vehicle. Having a car that gets better fuel mileage per gallon of fuel that is being burnt than the average model is very encouraging for any driver, as it shows that the engineers have put considerable time and effort into the project. They’ve clearly invested a lot of time and money into the conception, so it should stand them in good stead as drivers get into their laps for the first time. Additionally, the new concept will use no less then six different main components, all of which are working together in unison. Each component is intended to function as effectively as possible under different circumstances, meaning that the Alpha Tauri is one car that is going to be very efficient.

Going even further, the new Alpha Tauri has what is called a Track Response system. This is essentially a set of cameras that are mounted on each corner of the car, which are able to react to any movements that the track is making. The camera views will feed into a computer that works alongside a computer vision system. This computer vision system will determine the correct movements that the car needs to make to win the race. It does this by watching every corner of the track and reading the track data and then comparing it to the images it has captured from the cameras. When the computer figures out what moves the car needs to make, it notifies the driver of this information.

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One of the most innovative parts of the new Alpha Tauri is its Adaptive Handling System. What this system does is lower the center of gravity of the cars and also makes small adjustments to the suspension system of the car in order to improve the high-speed driving experience. This means that when the driver is racing at a faster speed, it becomes easier for him to get his foot down and start the car into gear. In addition to this, the new V12 Ferrari has also been developed with active aerodynamics, meaning that the air flowing past the back of the new car will be cooler and more suited to the different conditions it will encounter on a track.

However, the biggest innovation of the new Ferrari is its ‘La Ferrari Polestico’, which is the team’s new name for its carbon fibre rear section. Although it is just a name, it has already won many prestigious titles. Furthermore, this unique design has made the new car very fast. The rear section also reduces drag and produces a better down force. All these changes have made the new Ferrari one of the most successful sports cars in the world.

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