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HPD Civic Si R/C Racing Prototype – A Spectacular Leisure Activity for the Family

HPD Civic Si is a well known performance car. It has always attracted many customers. In its days, it was equipped with powerful and refined V-tech engines. But, as time wears on, the power of these engines are being replaced by more advanced power plants from Honda. HPD therefore, has to develop more efficient engines to cater to the demands of their high end customers. However, in order to maintain the high standard of performance, HPD Civic Si and Civic Coupe models are being equipped with real OEM accessories such as performance exhausts and underbody spoilers.

HPD Civic Si Race Car Prototype

For most car enthusiasts, purchasing a HPD Civic Si is a bit costly affair. This is mainly because a Civic is considered as a low performance vehicle and not fit for high performance modifications. To avoid this situation, HPD Civic Si and Civic Coupe models are being offered with turbocharged engines. When you think about it, turbocharging an average Civic will add up to about 600 horsepower or more. That is what makes HPD Civic Si and Civic Coupe models more exciting than regular civic models. These cars can easily break the old established world record for supercharged Civic with its specially modified Civic Si engines.

HPD made a decision to develop a high performance version of their popular Civic model to cater to the demands of real life car enthusiasts who prefer cars with higher performance. This is why HPD has developed a new generation of Civic Si roadsters that will make any regular Civic enthusiast fall in love with the new car. HPD Civic Si is an affordable, practical and tough four door model for those who are looking for a rugged and strong car. It also offers the benefits of a turbocharged engine to give it a huge boost in power.

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HPD Civic Si RWD has all the quality features and great looks a customer would expect out of a top of the line model. The new Civic has received a complete body-in-white paint finish, front and rear bumpers, side skirts, fiberglass front and rear bumper guards, front and rear bumpers, front and rear wings, and side vent covers. The Civic Si RWD also has HPD’s popular ‘floating roof’ concept which allows the roof to move up and down when needed. This concept has been tested on HPD’s new Si Coupe and has proved to be functional and very appealing. The entire body is made from HPD’s durable fiberglass material, giving it strength and durability never seen before in a production vehicle.

The all new Si convertible to HPD is powered by a Ford Performance RSX Turbo 1.3 liter 4-wheel drive engine. This powerful little engine is just the right size for the Civic Type R Crate engine. This makes it possible to use a two wheel drive system while using a conventional three or four wheel drive system when driving any version of the Civic. The Si R Crate comes with overadjustable camber and high flow performance air filters to help performance cars have a better exhaust note.

HPD engineers spent considerable time and effort to make this innovative all new Civic Si R/C Ready Vehicle as safe and secure as possible. HPD has taken great precautions to ensure the vehicle’s safety and security. When you take an interest in the all new Civic Si race car prototype, you will notice the resemblance to a Nintendo icon as well as the unique roll cage and passenger safety cell that have been specially created to fit this super sedan.

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