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The Good And Bad Things About The Kia Sportage

Kia is proud to introduce its new Sportage for the US debut today. The new Sportage is built on the new Kia Optima architecture, which is a new front-end styling and body design for Kia. It is also equipped with new fuel-efficient engines, transmissions and batteries. The new Sportage for the US is anticipated to offer great fuel economy in addition to superior design and luxury. The Sportage is designed to work as hard as a sports car and yet be quiet and comfortable.

The refreshed Kia Sportage for the US debut today has been outfitted with new front and rear bumpers to beef up the appearance of this vehicle. The sides and the hood have also been redesigned to improve safety. The interior of the car now has standard equipment such as a touch screen remote control, audio system and CD player. The seats have also been modernized and the instrument panel has been relocated to provide better visibility.

The engine is the first to receive a makeover. The new Kia Car 1.8 TDI diesel fuel cell is fitted with a front air dam and air vent. This has ensured that the engine’s air conditioning cooling has been taken care of. As a result, the engine now idles less when starting the car and idling is lighter when it is running. There is now an option to replace the OEM tail lights with the new LED tail lights.

The body styling of the Sportage is slightly different compared to other models offered by Kia. The hood and the roof are lowered to give the car a sleeker look. The new front and rear bumpers have been lowered as well. This has ensured that the car has a better view when it is parked. The color of the car is now matt black instead of the previously used lime green color.

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Other than this, there are no major mechanical changes that have been made to the vehicle. However, some added options such as auto start-stop buttons and oxygen sensors have been added to the car. In order to enable the driver to use his or her hands while driving, the Kia Sportage now comes with a hands free system. This is one of the reasons why this vehicle is being sold so quickly. Even though this car lacks a few features and benefits that the leading vehicles from other manufacturers have, it has managed to retain its high market value even after being put on sale.

It must be noted that the Kia Sportage has been specifically developed for the US market only. Therefore, you might find that certain features are not available in the US and that they might be differently available in your country. If you are planning to buy the Kia Sportage for the US, it would be a good idea if you check out all the options being offered by various dealerships and see which ones are more suitable for your needs. You should also make sure that you get all the information about the warranties, repair centers and service centers that are being provided for the car before you make your final decision.

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