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The Mystery Behind the Blue Chip Musk Shares Secret

Here’s a real hot tech story from Entrepreneur contributor, entrepreneur and best-selling author Anthony Green: ” Tesla Motors has been keeping quiet a very important automotive innovation, the new Model T. They’ve kept it under wraps because they fear the price will be too high, but I suspect they already have the market cornered on this one.” That’s right, consumers have been begging for a Model T. While no one can deny that a sedan with a sedan body could sell like crazy, the problem is that no car company wants to make that type of vehicle because it would have to spend so much money on building it.

Elon Musk Shares Secret About Tesla Cybertruck Mirrors

Musk seems to have made it clear that Model T should have an open design approach. It’s also rumored that the car could have folding trunks and removable roofs to allow cooler air flow. That’s a lot of space. Unfortunately, the only people who could truly benefit from such a design are engineers and structural designers.

When you read the obituary about him published in the New York Times, you learn that Musk was a math whiz. That’s quite accurate because his educational abilities were quite remarkable. Before he ventured into business, he was a well known troublemaker with a penchant for getting into arguments and disrupting others. While he was more focused on math and engineering, those interests carried him into a very lucrative stock market career.

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But it was his focus on strategic thinking that really started him on the path to becoming a world-class investor. He began to develop formulas for making smart investing decisions while attending Stanford. His emphasis on producing simple and profitable investment strategies paid off early in his career. In fact, he is credited as one of the co-founders of PayPal. PayPal now holds a staggering valuation of over $70 billion.

As an entrepreneur, his greatest business achievements to date have come through acquisitions of PayPal and Solar City. Though it took him longer than expected to pique the interest of large banks and other institutions, he finally received a whole load of investment from them. This gave him the confidence and experience to go on to launch one of the most talked about ventures – a business plan for a giant solar energy company called Solar City. He has also invested in another highly regarded Internet company – Blue Stream.

All of this raises a question about his leadership skills and commitment to his fellow co-founders. Was he able to juggle all of these business priorities? Is he trustworthy and does he truly have the character to lead? All of these are questions you should ponder as you try to uncover the mystery surrounding the mysterious blue chip CEO shares secret.

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