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News Latest! Dania Shah Still Changes Argument, Should be Sentenced, A Ex-wife of Aamir Liaquat, Bushra

News Latest! Dania Shah Still Changes Argument, Should be Sentenced, A Ex-wife of Aamir Liaquat, – Keep up to date with the latest news! Dania Shah is still changing her argument. Aamir Liaquat’s ex-wife Bushra must be convicted. Hello friends, we are officially back with the latest exciting breaking news! Dania Shah keeps changing the subject and has to blame Aamir Likat’s ex-wife, Bushra, who has recently been the subject of much discussion on the internet. KARACHI: Former public peace movement leader and TV analyst Bushra Iqbal attacked the personal video of Liquat and his third wife Dania Shah for making her statements on the matter public. He said he had been charged. His daughter Dua Aamer filed an amended petition with the Eastern High Court to postpone the late politician’s funeral. Dania said she was not Aamir Liaquat’s widow. He is legally divorced. “Bushra said Liaquat’s family sued the gang for violating her ex-husband’s privacy by posting his video. He also said Aamir was suffering from depression while Dania agreed to shoot the video. Bushra also used Twitter to update his followers on the family’s decision to appeal to the Sessions Court to overturn the death sentence of the deceased TV personality, tweeting: “We will appeal to the lower court to pursue the application. of the fire excavation order of Amer Liaquat. Liaqat’s ex-wife also wrote, “May God solve this problem for Ahmad and Dua. God bless.” Amir’s lawyer, Uma Ahmed Awan, said the judge had already buried Liaquat without an autopsy, and even the police didn’t object as they didn’t We went to court by order of the Supreme Court, the same court cannot make two decisions, the last decision was made without considering the family. Previously, Liaquat’s third wife, Daniya, had issued a message on her social media account demanding a post-mortem. He then criticized Bushra and Dua for gaining media support when Daniya demanded the exhumation of the politician’s body for medical forensics. When Aamir died, Bushra did not want to face the media. But now he also brings his daughter (to gain sympathy),” wrote Daniya. It should be noted, previously, that Aamir Liaquat’s third wife, Dania Malik, had issued a message on her social media, which stated that the autopsy of Aamir Liaquat must and will be carried out soon. He criticized Bushra Iqbal and his daughter Doa Amer, who asked the press for help, but when Amar died, Bushra refused to appear in the press. I brought

Prohibition Given by the Court

Additionally, after hearing the allegations from the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the Higashi District Attorney issued an arrest warrant for the decision to conduct an autopsy on Rikuto. The court asked Abdul Ahad, one of the residents who requested the removal of React’s body, to respond by 11 August.

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